Pink Handcrafted Big Mug 12 oz

Pink Handcrafted Big Mug 12 oz


Made to order within 2 weeks

This is a handcrafted one-of-a-kind porcelain mug built with a white porcelain slab and colored clay. It has a beautiful accent of traditional 22kt gold luster and a glossy finish on the surface and inside. I also add granate powder to achieve random speckles around the surface.

This mug is great for drinking your favorite coffee and setting the tone for the day.

  • Big Mug size is 12 oz

  • Fired to △ cone 06, △ cone 6 and △ cone 018 inside an electric kiln.

  • Do not microwave - Handle with care and wash by hand.

  • Carefully crafted.

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