Marbled Lively Espresso Cup Set

Marbled Lively Espresso Cup Set


This is a set of 2 handcrafted porcelain espresso cup. Each mug is built with porcelain slabs stained with green, soft pink and turquoise. They have a delicate gold luster detail. Due to the handmade nature of the technique I work with each mug is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. I invite you to see the signs of the process and connect with the natural world; earth, water, air, fire.

Each mug is carefully built, then let to dry for a couple of days. When it is completely dry it is ready for it´s first firing in an electric kiln. The first fire is at cone 06 (1798). The piece that comes out it is known as a “bisque”. The bisque then is glazed and fired again at cone 6 (2165). If your mug has gold luster then it was fired a third time at cone 018 (1267). All the process takes at least 8 days. Pottery is not instant and can´t be pushed. It invites you to slow down, be patient and reconnect. It is a craft that reminds us of our humanity. I hope you enjoy your mug as much as I enjoyed making it.

Set of 2, hand-built porcelain mugs, one-of-a-kind.

Size: 4 oz, double espresso shot

Made to Order: 3 weeks

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