Color Mood Mugs Membership

When we speak of color we mean energy waves. Every color, each with its own frequency, is a form of energy. Color has the power to communicate meaning and enhance one’s mind and spirit. Feed color to your body through your eyes and touch with the Color Mood Mugs. Color is emotion! Drink in colors!

How it works?

Each month receive a Color Mood Mug.  

Choose a Plan (Shipping included)

1 month $44 / you get 1 mug

3 months $120 / you get 3 mugs

6 months $220 / you get 6 mugs

Annual $400 / you get 12 mugs


  • Each Color Mood Mugs member gets every month their own hand built porcelain mug (or set). The mugs are numbered and can be customized with your name or special message.

  • Free shipping.

  • For 3, 6 and annual membership you receive a surprise gift on your birthday . Yay!

  • 15% off any online shop update.

  • A monthly newsletter with a curated look at some of my favorite color trivia, alchemy drinks recipes, books to read, podcasts to listen, discoveries, shops and brands to know.